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Join us for services every week at our facility at 4911 Losco Road in Jacksonville. We meet every Sunday at 9:00am and 10:30am.

Waumba Land (Birth-PreK) and UpStreet (K-5th) are offered at both 9:00am and 10:30am.

Middle-school students meet every Sunday morning at 9:00am for Transit, and high-school students meet at 10:30am for InsideOut.

We are a strategic partner of North Point Ministries. We align with the philosophy and strategies of North Point Ministries, and share Andy Stanley’s practical, Biblical teaching.


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The Mathews – One little girl, one decision, and one big God

orphans 4You may have seen David and Jolene Mathew, and their eight-year-old son, Judah, around Access Church. Seeing them, you may never guess that they actually have 40 children under their care! This story begins in India, where David was born and raised. David’s family still lives in India, and he returns to visit them when he is able. On one such visit, a little girl asked to clean his motorcycle windshield. She was just another orphan of the 31 million in India, a common sight. David could’ve easily waved her away. But he didn’t. He noticed her hand. It was broken. She told him her “rowdy” (pimp) had broken it because broken children get more when they beg. Just another little girl out of so many, yet precious and uncommon to God. David and the friend with him decided to do something to make a difference for this little girl. Hours later they returned for her, and found her a home, leaving one less child to be trafficked on the streets of India.… Read the rest

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