Join us every week at Access Church

Join us for services every week at 8133 Point Meadows Dr. in Jacksonville. We meet every Sunday at 4:00pm.

Waumba Land (Birth-PreK) and UpStreet (K-5th) are offered every Sunday.

Middle-school students meet for Transit, and high-school students meet for InsideOut.

We are a strategic partner of North Point Ministries. We align with the philosophy and strategies of North Point Ministries and share Andy Stanley’s practical, biblical teaching.

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The Hamilton Family – Changing Expectations

Angie and Shane Hamilton thought they knew church. They both grew up attending church and had tried various churches off and on as adults. “It was boring, and I felt I had to change my life to be a part of it,” Shane said. “It just seemed easier not to go.”

Angie’s disenchantment began as a teenager. “I didn’t want to stick to the strict rules of the church and, for the most part, I stopped going,” she said. “I never lost my faith in Jesus, but I lost my faith in church.”

To Angie and Shane, church seemed to ask for a lot without giving much in return, and church like this didn’t seem worth the requirements involved.

After they had their boys, Isaac (now 11) and Mitchell (now 9), Angie and Shane felt the need to go to church again for their kids’ sake. They tried several churches, but couldn’t seem to commit to going much. Then Angie went for a run on Losco Road near their home and saw that Access Church had moved into the neighborhood.… Read the rest

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