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The Big Move

A delayed flight has Peyton and I arriving in Akron at 1:00am tonight, but our spirits are not dampened! We’re excited to see our Akron friends again, really excited to have a road trip with some of the best friends a guy could hope for, and for having a place in Jacksonville to call “home”…

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Service Programming Director

It’s with great fondness that Stephanie and I welcome Rob & Beth Lott to our budding staff family! We’ve known Rob since he was in junior high and we’re still amazed at his ability win our hearts on and off the stage. Somehow, he won Beth’s heart as well, (a great mystery to be further…

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Choosing to Cheat

We’re two weeks past Leadership Summit, and I’ve enjoyed reading some of the buzz out there about Andy’s talk at the Summit. In case you missed out, Willow Creek sponsors a huge leadership training event each August in South Barrington, IL. Hundreds of churches around the world pick it up on satellite, and something like…

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