Podcast—”Life Rules”

Follow this link to download the latest podcast from North Point, “Life Rules.” Here’s the description from iTunes:

In Kindergarten, ignoring the rules was a blast—especially if you could get away with it. But, as adults, we understand that rules are for our protection and, if we break God’s rules, we cause heartache and broken relationships. In this series, Andy clearly explains God’s basic set of life rules, which, when lived, hold the power to improve your current relationships and mend the hurting ones.

Give it a listen, and then share it with a friend. These podcasts are a great way to familiarize yourself with Andy’s teaching.… Read the rest

Posted November 15, 2006

Anyone seen this van?

Hey everybody, just a quick heads-up. Stephanie took Peyton shopping this evening for his birthday (he turned 9 yesterday and received some cash from my mom). When they came out of the store, our van was not there. Hmmm…

Since all we have belongs to God, He certainly has the prerogative to give our van to whomever he chooses. I just wish He’d done it yesterday, before I spent $600 to replace the emissions system! 😉

Look, it’s a ’97 Town & Country with 170,000 miles. I doubt it’s on its way to a chop-shop. Maybe it’ll turn up soon. In the meantime, our arrival in Jacksonville will be delayed for a day or two as we work all of this out.

We’d love your prayers!… Read the rest

Posted November 8, 2006

What is “discipleship”?

On my first (ever) visit to Jacksonville, I met a woman who was very excited about the prospect of North Point launching a strategic partnership in Jacksonville. She said that her church and ours could be great partners. She said, exactly, “ya’ll could lead them to Christ and then they could come to our church to be discipled.”

I just smiled. The obvious indictment was that, while Access might do a good job at creating environments that lead people to “accept” Jesus Christ, we’ll probably drop the ball soon after.

Our mission statement is “to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” Everything we do and will do is about that—seeing people increase their faith in God. How does a church accomplish “discipleship”?

Some churches have a great teaching ministry—layers upon layers of classes and electives. In those churches, you hear phrases like “biblical literacy” a lot. Some of those people ask, “when does North Point get to the deeper stuff?… Read the rest

Posted November 7, 2006

Another church in Jacksonville?

We started living in our house this week. Actually, it’s more like camping. We wanted to be here in time for trick-or-treating, which was a great chance to meet the neighbors, but appliances just came yesterday, and we’re still trying to unpack our swimsuits and take a trip to the beach.

Anyway, I met Nick and Leah today—great people, and we have a lot in common. She home-schools their son and daughter, who are the same ages as Peyton and Carly. He manages a retail store up at Regency, and they attend what sounds like a really nice church here on the south side.

So, as I learn about them and our kids are playing kickball together in the backyard, they ask what brings us to Jacksonville. I explain that we’ve been invited here by a group of folks to help start a church. Which begs a question:

Does Jacksonville really need another church? C’mon, you’ve thought it. Maybe you’re reading this blog and you attend another church in town.… Read the rest

Posted November 3, 2006