Hey kids, if you just finished Kindergarten through Grade 5, you’ll want to join us for sure at KidVenture, August 3.

Of course, this would only be if you want to get wet, have a ton of fun with your UpStreet friends, and hang out with your small group leader for a couple of hours.

KidVenture will be held at Adventure Landing Waterpark on Beach Boulevard from 6:00-8:00pm. Cost is $5 per student. More information is available at UpStreet.

See you there!… Read the rest

Posted June 29, 2007

House Sold!

God’s timing is always perfect, and we are so grateful to report that we closed on our house in Ohio last week! It was on the market for a little over one year.

We have so many warm memories of that house, and feel sentimental about another family moving in, but WOW – what a great feeling to not have that financial burden.

Thanks to so many of you who have been praying for this!… Read the rest

Posted June 25, 2007

Access Welcomes 20 New Volunteers

Recently we challenged you to get “involved,” and you responded in a fantastic way! In fact, we’ve had 20 new volunteers sign up for positions in Waumba, UpStreet, Host Team, and Service Programming. Amazing! We are so encouraged by this.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll have a chance to speak with Zoie, who will explain available positions and help you determine where you might be able to jump in at the point of greatest need. We’ll pair you with someone who’s already doing that job, for some “intentional apprenticing.” Finally, we’ll have a training day on August 12 to answer any questions you might have about your role.

Then, BAM! Before you know it, you’re a pro! September will be here, Access will be meeting in two services in the morning, and you will be making it all happen!

For those of you who are still considering trying Access, let me explain what this means for you:

  • A volunteer will help you find a parking space
  • A volunteer will greet you in the hall and help you check your kids into Waumba (Birth-PreK) or UpStreet (K-5)
  • A volunteer will lead your kid’s small group, lead them in worship, and tell them a Bible story
  • A volunteer will help you find a seat in the Auditorium
  • A volunteer will run the lights, sound, and video during the service, so that you can enjoy the experience with excellence and without distraction
  • A volunteer will answer your questions at the Information Desk
  • A volunteer will equip you with resources to take home for yourself or a friend

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Posted June 18, 2007

Coffee Connection

Join us following the service Sunday for a Coffee Connection. These short, informal gatherings are designed as the first step to getting involved with a Community Group.

At Coffee Connection, we’ll have several tables, each labeled by the following areas: Westside, Southside, Northside, Beachside, and Singles. It’s a chance to have some dessert and meet someone who lives near you.

You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for GroupLife Preview, which is a taste of what our small groups can be like. These medium-sized groups will meet in July and August on our “off-weeks” and help you connect with some great people in your area. From there, the step to joining a long-term group in the fall should be a cinch.

See you in the upstairs foyer, right after the service!… Read the rest

Posted June 15, 2007

In Good Times and Bad

When we experience hardships, we tend to wonder where God is.

In times of prosperity, we often forget about God and adopt the mindset that we can handle everything on our own.

And, when we’ve been hurt by someone, we are apt to look for an opportunity to pay that person back.

The Old Testament character of Joseph, Jacob’s son, had every right to give up on God as a result of his circumstances. Instead, Joseph lived his life believing God was with him.

At Access, we’re about to begin a three-part series in which Andy Stanley encourages us to ask ourselves what someone in our circumstances would do if they were absolutely confident that God was with them. If we looked at all of our circumstances through this lens, we could face each day with an unwavering hope.

Think of the struggles and conflicts in your life and ask yourself, “What would I do or say in those difficult moments if I were absolutely confident that God was with me?”

It’s a humorous take on the major events of Joseph’s life, and it will entertain and inspire you.… Read the rest

Posted June 14, 2007

Tim & Terea Stokes

In the summer of 2005, Tim Stokes helped take his church’s youth group to Big Stuff youth camp in Panama City. Big Stuff was produced by North Point Community Church and, during the camp, the youth leaders were taught some of the North Point’s ministry philosophies. The ideas were different than anything Tim had heard before, and they made perfect sense to him. “North Point had such a simplicity, such a focus on outsiders, and so much relevancy,” he said. “It was eye-opening.”

When Tim got back home to Jacksonville, he told his wife, Terea, about his experiences at camp and showed her the North Point resources he had brought home. “Tim came back from camp a different man, and he was so excited,” Terea said. “I got really excited about the new ideas for ministry, too.”

Tim and Terea sought out more opportunities to get resources from North Point to use at their church. They started traveling to Atlanta to attend North Point conferences and to attend church there whenever they could.… Read the rest

Posted June 12, 2007


First of all, I have to say I’m a little disappointed to not have have incited any golfers to yet post a comment on this blog! I thought for sure when I challenged the guys in green jackets I’d get some pushback!

No matter—thinking about the “best of the best” in sports has me thinking about our volunteers at Access Church, who rank up there with my mom as the “best of the best” in hospitality.

As soon as we leave our driveway to head for my mom’s house, my kids begin talking about the feast sure to be laid before them. They begin to drool as they anticipate her steak, 7-layer salad, key lime pie, and finally, her lemon pound-cake. We always leave with stomachs full of good food, but the experience includes so much more. There are photos of the kids on the walls, activities they might enjoy, and a carefully stacked pile of mail and newspaper clippings for Stephanie and I to read.… Read the rest

Posted June 4, 2007


Someone mentioned to me the other day that when they think of a new church, they think of a dozen people gathered in someone’s living room, with the kids playing down in the basement. They were really surprised to learn of the environments we have for kids! They said, “What’s UpStreet?” One of my kids gushed, “It’s only the best thing… ever!”

The truth is, about a year ago Access Church was just that—a dozen faithful people meeting in someone’s living room. Praying. Giving. Daring to tell God that they wanted to be used by Him however he saw fit. What an amazing year it has been! We can no longer fit in anyone’s living room, and there is, well, “the best thing ever” for our elementary kids on Sunday evenings—UpStreet!

It’s a pretty cool environment we’ve created just for those in Kindergarten through Grade 5. We want elementary students to know three things: that they need to make the wise choice, that they can trust God no matter what, and that they should treat others the way they want to be treated.… Read the rest

Posted June 1, 2007