CNN: UNchristian

I love this interview… can’t believe it was on CNN. Totally worth four minutes of your time.

Gabe introduced this book at Catalyst back in the fall and it’s having a great impact on the way church leaders are thinking.


What do you think?

Posted February 4, 2008

3 responses to “CNN: UNchristian”

  1. breese says:

    i’m very surprised to see that this got so much airtime on CNN. sounds like a great study though!

  2. Emily says:

    why are yall surprised it was on CNN – Prime News does religious topics almost EVERY day!

  3. Ken says:

    Hey Rich! Thanks for leaving a comment about this same topic on my blog. I love and appreciate this video.

    I’m reading a book about Jesus Movements that helps us understand why our christian culture is not like Jesus anymore…Such a great read…”The Forgotten Ways” by Alan Hirsch…

    Luke 4:16-19 is a great read about Jesus and His movement of healing and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

    Stay in touch.


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