What’s the Worst?

What’s the worst thing someone might say about your church?

Recently, a few people were overheard in conversation about our church. Several positive things were said. One person, however, threw out this objection, “I mean, they even have, like, atheists going there!”

So what do you think? Is that a bad thing? What would you think about a church if you heard that at a party? What’s the worst thing someone might say about your church?.

Posted December 13, 2009

One response to “What’s the Worst?”

  1. sanman says:


    I went to church for 25 years and thought I was a Christian but I wasn't. I believed "about" Jesus but I did not believe "in" Jesus. I was a classic "cultural" Christian.

    Which makes me wonder..are there others out there like me? I suspect there are millions.

    So I contend..whether we're cultural Christians, religious, non-religious, seekers, returners, agnostics, or atheists..we could all greatly benefit by attending Access Church and carefully examining the claims of Jesus Christ.

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