Spencer and Amber Hyatt

Spencer and Amber Hyatt were engaged when Spencer’s job took him from Orlando to Jacksonville.

He was working for a company based out of Buckhead, GA.  A coworker attended Buckhead Church, a campus of North Point Ministries, and told Spencer that a North Point strategic partner was starting in Jacksonville—Access Church.

“We had tried other churches, but nothing was clicking,” Spencer said.

When Spencer and Amber tried Access, the church was just starting up. “They were in the early stages—meeting every-other week,” Spencer said. “It was a great fit for us. The church was just starting, and our marriage was just starting.”

To Spencer and Amber, Access was different from other contemporary service they had tried. “It felt really relatable,” Amber said. “The environment was welcoming and non-judgmental. It seemed that, at other churches, you were either an ‘insider’ or an ‘outsider.’ At Access we didn’t feel that way.”

Spencer said, “The service was just really comfortable. And it’s hard not to enjoy Andy’s messages.… Read the rest

Posted October 19, 2010

New Series: Hope

Life isn’t easy. We experience problems and setbacks everyday.

But during the hardest parts of life, when the bottom seems to fall out, where do we turn for peace?

Although God doesn’t offer any easy solutions, he does offer himself and his cross as an anchor of hope.

Join us this Sunday as Louie Giglio shares “Hope.” We’d love to have you!… Read the rest


New Waumba Land Director

We are excited to announce that we filled the position of Waumba Land Director! Access Church is excited to announce the addition of Doug and Janie Hurley.

Doug and Janie are eager to lead in this area of our church. Married for six years with six nephews—all under ten years of age—and their first child on the way, the Hurley’s are living Waumba on a regular basis!

Doug grew up in Ohio, but calls the southeast “home” after spending the majority of his adult life here. In regards to living in Jacksonville, Doug say’s, “We moved away from the south five years ago, and we had an amazing experience; but our hearts always had a pull to get back here…back home. We are back near family, back where our hearts are at peace, back where we belong.”

Doug’s undergraduate work was at Ohio University (not the school of “the Buckeyes”, although his loyalty belongs to the Buckeye team!). He attended Austin Peay State University for graduate school, and he will soon have another Master’s Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.… Read the rest

Posted October 13, 2010

Jeremy and Jodie Miller

Jeremy and Jodie met and began dating while attending the University of Georgia. When Jodie graduated in 2002, she moved to the Buckhead community in Atlanta, the location of Buckhead Church, a campus of North Point Ministries.

Jodie’s sister was familiar with Buckhead Church and encouraged Jodie to give it a try.

“I started going to Buckhead to see what it was all about,” Jodie said. “The worship and music drew me. I also enjoyed Andy’s messages and how they applied to everyday life.”

The following year, Jeremy’s job took him to Jacksonville, but he visited Jodie on the weekends, and they attended Buckhead Church together. Jeremy grew up in a traditional church that used hymnals, an organ, and a choir for worship. Buckhead Church was a much different experience.

“Going to Buckhead at first was a shock,” he said. “The atmosphere, attire, music—everything was a stark difference from what I was used to.”

It took Jeremy some time to adjust, but he came to appreciate the environment at Buckhead Church.… Read the rest

Posted October 10, 2010