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New Series: illusions

To some extent, all of us spend our lives projecting an image that is contrary to who we really are on the inside. We hide behind illusions of what we want people to see about us. It’s often easier to lie about your marriage, your career, your finances, or your relationship with God than to…

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KAOS: The Amazing Race Picture Hunt

Pull a team together and get a driver because you’re not gonna want to miss this KAOS event for middle and high schoolers. The Amazing Race Picture Hunt will happen Friday, November 5, 6:00pm. Meet at the Zamar Center to receive your instructions. From there you’ll be led on a journey that will have you…

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New Series: Listen and Learn

What and who you listen to will influence what you do. Sounds like advice you might give your kids or a younger brother. But this is sound advice for all ages. Let’s face it. Your life has been defined by the voices you’ve chosen to tune in and those you’ve opted to tune out. All…

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