No-Church Sunday!

Access Church will not meet Sunday, March 27. Instead, we will be taking time to hang out with friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.

We’re going to build relationships that reflect the love of God. In other words, we’re going to be the church instead of just going to church. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back to our weekly schedule on April 3!

Sunday, April 3—Asking Big
Join us Sunday, April 3, for a new message, “Asking Big,” by Andy Stanley. We all know that we should pray, but what exactly should we be praying for? What is it that God wants us to pray for?

The disciples pulled Jesus aside and asked him this very question. And his answer may surprise you. In fact, when you compare your prayers to what Jesus had to say, you may find that you’ve come to emphasize the wrong things. It could be that your prayers are too small.

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Posted March 23, 2011

Your Church

Brimming with passion and optimism, charged with an inspired mandate, churches open their doors in hopes of connecting people with God.

Yet as time passes, occupied with the addition of new programs and revamped ministries, churches can easily lose sight of their early visions of engaging people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this message, Your Church, Andy Stanley reminds us of our calling of reaching out to broken people and helping them experience a new birth. Or as Jesus would describe, being born again.

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Posted March 15, 2011


There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding baptism.

And while the topic often evokes strong emotions, it is not a subject in which people have much to draw from, other than their own experience.

Join us Sunday, March 13, as Rich Barrett explores what the Bible has to say about baptism. We’ll see you there!… Read the rest

Posted March 9, 2011