Kaos Back2Skool Bash

It’s the last hurrah before school is back in session, and it’s the coolest party you’ve ever been to! All 6th-12th graders are invited!

Join us this Saturday, August 20, 6:00-8:00pm, at Mandarin Park.

There will be music, crazy games, swimming in the creek, a giant inflatable, food, and a free t-shirt for your friends.

Cost is $5. Questions? Contact Rich. Don’t miss this party!… Read the rest

Posted August 17, 2011

Why is GroupLink important?

Why is GroupLink so important at Access Church?

Success at Access Church is defined by how many of us move from large environments into Community Groups. Community Groups are small groups of six married couples or eight individuals of the same gender.

The Community Group is the best place for sustained life change to occur. In Community Groups, we study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life.

We pray together, we care for one another, and we’re missed if we don’t show up.

GroupLink is the way we help people get into Community Groups. It’s coming up this Sunday, August 21, at 4:30pm.

Click here to register and get directions.

Can’t make it to GroupLink? The success of GroupLink depends on everyone’s participation. The best groups start strong when everyone is present at GroupLink.

If you can’t make it August 21, but want to join a group, contact Rich. Our next GroupLink isn’t until January.… Read the rest


Losing Your Religion

Face it. Religion can get pretty strange pretty quickly. Mystical. Superstitious. Legalistic. Judgmental. Hypocritical.

But religion isn’t going away. The human race has an insatiable curiosity regarding the divine. Since the beginning of time, men and women have established elaborate rituals and traditions in an attempt to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen; between the sacred and the secular.

And while each of these systems provided formulas for communicating with and securing the blessings of a particular deity, none provided the one thing humankind most desires—assurance. But with the birth of Christianity, all of that changed.

In this four-part series, Losing Your Religion, Andy Stanley explains how the message of Christ serves as the fulfillment of religion.

We’ll see you this Sunday. Invite a friend!… Read the rest

Posted August 7, 2011


Every business, organization and family has assumptions. These assumptions drive decisions.

Church is no different. But what if the assumptions are false?

In this message, “Here!”, Andy Stanley discusses one of Christianity’s age-old assumptions, why they are false, and what we should do in light of this truth.

We’ll see you this Sunday. Invite a friend!… Read the rest

Posted August 3, 2011