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Posted November 20, 2012

Health Update from Rich

So, it’s been two weeks since we shared that I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. And… you have been amazing. Your love, support, notes, and prayers have been overwhelming. I wish I could respond to each one more personally. I wish we could sit together over coffee so that I could share how meaningful it is to know that you are praying for my family. I wish we had time to talk about all the ways that God is already using this experience to heal my heart and remind me of his incredible, ridiculous, over-the-top provision in my life.

Some of you know I favor the phrase, “Unbelievably Rich.” Never in my life have I felt this wealthy. God is demonstrating his blessings in so many ways through each of you! He has given us an incredible oncologist, amazing caregivers, loving family, and a community of believers who are taking care of us so well. We are grateful.

In my last note, I mentioned that I’ll be getting chemo treatments every other Tuesday.… Read the rest

Posted November 15, 2012

This Sunday: “How to be Rich”

You can find plenty of advice on how to get rich. But where do you learn to be rich?

And how do you define “rich” in the first place?

In this four-part series, Andy Stanley moves beyond the “get rich” mentality and explains God’s instructions for the vast majority of us who are already blessed with more than we need.

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This Sunday: “I Love My Church”

Think about your church. From the moment you wake up on Sunday morning, are you looking forward to church, or does attending service seem like an obligation?

Can you really say you love your church?

And if you’ve ever considered volunteering at church, this week might give you that final push toward being part of something bigger than yourself. (And you may realize that you love it.)

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Posted November 7, 2012

A Personal Note From Rich Barrett

As you might have learned this week through the ever-amazing grapevine, I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Here’s a Wikipedia link.

Hodgkins has a great survival rate (80%). I’m young (no snickering!), healthy, and a good candidate for an aggressive treatment regimen.

I will require six months of chemotherapy, and we’re not wasting any time. Friday I had a port installed in my chest, and chemo begins Tuesday morning. Chemo will be administered every other Tuesday and will hopefully wrap up mid-May.

We absolutely love our oncologist and the caregivers at our treatment center. We believe God orchestrated these relationships, and we can’t wait to see how they develop!

The Access staff and elders have responded wonderfully and are ready to rise up and fill any gaps in my ability to perform at 100% in the coming months. My oncologist believes that I’ll still have a very active work life.

We so appreciate all of the offers to provide meals and other practical help.… Read the rest

Posted November 5, 2012