Barrett Health Update

Hey guys, I just wanted to update our church family and say thank you, once again, for your amazing demonstration of love and support.

Health: We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have two more chemo treatments over the next four weeks, and then I should be done. I’ll get a PET scan to make sure the cancer has been eradicated, but we’re pretty optimistic right now, based on my last PET scan. We are looking forward to being done with chemo! Also, my pulmonary complication seems to be getting better. I’ll have a PFT on April 9 to know for sure. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!!

Finances: You (and hundreds of old friends on Facebook) have rallied together and given $19,738 toward our goal of $20,000!! We are blown away by your generosity and so grateful that you would entrust us with your hard-earned money. Your gracious gifts will cover our out-of-pocket expenses for 2012 and 2013.… Read the rest

Posted March 29, 2013

Nick and Joe Save Easter

easter_logo_webEaster is just a few days away! We have a fantastic morning planned, including a new message from Andy Stanley, “Nick and Joe Save Easter.”

The Easter story hinged on two unlikely characters, Nick and Joe. These two men’s actions allowed first century Christians, and eventually us today, to be confident in Christ’s resurrection.

In this message Andy Stanley tells the story of Nick and Joe’s boldness in the face of great personal risk. The Easter story might never have made it out of the first century without them.

We’ll see you Sunday!… Read the rest

Posted March 25, 2013