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"The Separation of Church and Hate"

Are we making a point or making a difference? It’s easier to make a point; to adopt a policy; to put up a billboard or hand out a pamphlet. Making a difference is messier. It requires relating to people with whom you may not agree. But that is what Jesus modeled. In “The Separation of…

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Purple Heart Homes at Access Church

Kick off your week of patriotic festivities by celebrating one of our nation’s returning heroes! This Saturday evening, June 29, is the kick-off for the Purple Heart Homes / Designing Spaces project for Pvt. Jeff Taylor. Jeff was critically injured in an attack just outside the Baghdad Airport during the invasion of Iraq. Today he…

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Meet Josh Hough, Facilities Director!

If you haven’t met Josh and Jenni Hough yet, you’ve got to catch them in the halls at Access and say hello. Josh has been serving on Access staff since 2011 as our Facilities Director, and we’re so grateful for they way he takes care of our building and environments! Josh and Jenni Hough moved…

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