IF: Jacksonville

One of the most difficult things to overcome is distraction. We live in a culture that is constantly vying for our attention. Friends and family, our job, our house, TV, and social media are waving flags demanding that we pay attention to them. In the midst of this war for our hearts, we often miss the still small voice of God. On February 6 and 7 women from all over the world set aside distractions and joined together to explore the answer to one question: “If God is real, then how does that impact the way we live?” 

IF: Gathering took place in Austin, Texas. Unlike similar women’s conferences, the live event was capped at 2,000 people, but women from around the globe were invited to join the event in their local communities via a webcast. These groups were called IF: Local.

unnamed-3Everything about the IF: Gathering mission resonated with us at Access, including the emphasis on local community and the question itself (If God is real, then ______?).… Read the rest

Posted February 17, 2015