The Access Story

AccessChurch_logo_180px_higWe believe that, just as Jesus was irresistible, the local church should be irresistible. People should wake up on Sunday morning and want to go to church. Our desire is to create a church that would be people’s number-one option on Sunday, first, because of what we do, and ultimately because of what we believe.

This vision began to take shape in 2003 with a group of people in Jacksonville who had a heart for their friends who didn’t have a growing relationship with God. This group of people wanted so badly to invite their friends to church, but hadn’t been able to find the right kind of environment their friends would connect with.

This group decided to partner with North Point Community Church, who recommended Rich and Stephanie Barrett lead this strategic partnership. The Barretts visited Jacksonville in the spring of 2006 and met with the core team that God had already assembled. They were impressed by the team’s clear desire to start a church, not for themselves, but for their friends who wouldn’t feel comfortable in most churches.… Read the rest

Posted June 24, 2015

Kick Excuses to the Curb

It’s easy to make excuses during new situations. In fact, if we’re honest, excuses keep us from attending church all the time. “I had a bad church experience,” “I don’t want to go alone,” “I don’t know what to expect,” “My children might not like it,” “Sunday is my only day off. “ Unfortunately, those excuses also keep us from making connections and building a community of people to experience life with.unnamed

“I didn’t want to take my children to a formal church like the one I grew up in,” Laurel Beard said. “This was keeping me from plugging into a church.”

Laurel heard about Access Church from her brother. “My brother and I have similar style and taste, so I decided to join him at Access and give it a try.” Laurel immediately liked the casual and comfortable atmosphere. She loved the way technology was used to enhance the experience. Andy Stanley’s video messages were relevant and applicable.

Laurel decided attending “Starting Point” with her husband would be a great next step for them.… Read the rest


My Bad Church Experience

Church. What does that word bring to your mind? Maybe thoughts of polyester suits or dresses with big collars float to the surface. Maybe your senses are reminded of pot roast and potatoes or molded Jello consumed on Sunday afternoons. Unfortunately, thinking about church can also bring back My Bad - Key Artpainful memories. Have you felt excluded, judged, or misunderstood? Do you simply not want to be included in a group of people who have hurt you in the past? Or does the idea of church remind you of things you aren’t proud of or choices you thought you had made peace with?

Wherever you’re coming from, we would love to offer an invitation. We’ll provide a safe place for you to sit anonymously and hear what God has to say about church. If you take a chance and carefully remove the walls you’ve built around your heart, you may begin to see that your bad church experiences were not an example of true authentic church.… Read the rest

Posted June 3, 2015