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The Access Story

We believe that, just as Jesus was irresistible, the local church should be irresistible. People should wake up on Sunday morning and want to go to church. Our desire is to create a church that would be people’s number-one option on Sunday, first, because of what we do, and ultimately because of what we believe. This…

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Kick Excuses to the Curb

It’s easy to make excuses during new situations. In fact, if we’re honest, excuses keep us from attending church all the time. “I had a bad church experience,” “I don’t want to go alone,” “I don’t know what to expect,” “My children might not like it,” “Sunday is my only day off. “ Unfortunately, those…

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My Bad Church Experience

Church. What does that word bring to your mind? Maybe thoughts of polyester suits or dresses with big collars float to the surface. Maybe your senses are reminded of pot roast and potatoes or molded Jello consumed on Sunday afternoons. Unfortunately, thinking about church can also bring back painful memories. Have you felt excluded, judged,…

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