IF:Equip Advent Study for Women

advent4aAccess women, we’re are approaching Advent! For centuries, Christians have taken this season to focus on the powerful and beautiful reality that Christ came to dwell among his people. Advent not only focuses on Christ’s birth, His first coming but also on Christ’s second coming, which will take place in the future.

At Access, we’re joining in an IF:Equip study of Advent. We invite you to join us as we read classical prayers, hymns, and passages from the whole breadth of Scripture for this four-week study. Each week will highlight a theme related to Christ’s coming:

  • HOPE
  • JOY
  • LOVE

It is our prayer that this study will bring us all into the presence of our Savior and that together we will rejoice over his birth and long for His coming. We’ll begin this study Monday, November 30. Head over to our IF:Jacksonville page to learn

  1. how to access the study and
  2. how to join our IF:Jacksonville Facebook group so you can join other Access women in conversation about the study.
Read the rest Posted November 25, 2015

The Value of Groups – Ginny Achilles

We all know the value of meaningful relationships, but good things don’t always come easily. Ginny Achilles can attest to this. Mother to 10, she has homeschooled, gone through a divorce, built her own house, run a business, and dealt with the loss of a husband. Twice. With her faith firmly intact and her spirit upbeat, she’s not one to shy away from hard things. And yet she’ll be the first to tell the truth about the tension around pursuing community: “It is very hard.”

2015 1011 Ginny-kids still at home-Richard front- Danielle-Philip

After the loss of each of their spouses, Ginny and Wayne met, married, and moved to southern Georgia. There they began the challenging process of not only blending their families, but helping each of their children grieve the loss of a parent. Ginny had been collecting Andy Stanley’s message DVDs, and watching them as a family helped them heal.

When they learned that Access Church, the closest North Point partnership, was an hour and a half away, Ginny was excited and undaunted by the distance.… Read the rest

Posted November 18, 2015

Right in the Eye

In 2013 Miley Cyrus introduced pop-culture to its newest anthem. “We Can’t Stop” became a resounding proclamation for a culture dedicated to chasing after whatever feels good in the moment. Lyrics such as, “This is our house, this is our rules” expressed the philosophy that we make our own decisions, and we answer to no one.

If we’re all honest, we have to admit that there’s a place inside all of us that fights for control. We want what we want in all areas of life such as food, pleasure, money, people, and how we spend our time. Many of us assume that if our choices don’t directly affect another person, we aren’t hurting anyone with this way of life.

God addresses this internal struggle throughout the Bible, and he has some pretty powerful things to say about the true impact we have on others and ourselves when we adopt this attitude.

At Access Church, we’re kicking off a six-part series with Andy Stanley titled “Right in the Eye” November 15.… Read the rest

Posted November 10, 2015