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Fill up your tank at Fuel!

Regardless of the weather, the morning commute to work is compromised when the vehicle is out of fuel. The plans for the day could be ordinary or extraordinary, but they will never be realized if the catalyst for movement is empty. This is a simple concept, but we rarely apply it to our spiritual endeavors.…

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Location Change for Access Church – a note from Rich Barrett

  What’s Happening? About a year and a half ago, the elders and I gathered a group of real-estate professionals and began a conversation about purchasing this building. However, we encountered two obstacles: First, we couldn’t afford what the sellers wanted for the building. We were about one million dollars apart. Second, at the time,…

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"This is CHURCH!?" – Geoff & Kelly Marton

“Are they always this happy and welcoming, or was there a memo that new people were going to be here today?” That was Kelly and Geoff Marton’s first question about Access Church before they even got to the auditorium for their first service. Once the music started, their second question became, “This is CHURCH!?” Although…

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