The Hootselles – Finding a place for the whole family

View More: it’s the dinner menu, a family activity, or the music in the car, it’s a challenge for families to find something every member of the family enjoys. Could it be possible to find this in a church? Jeff and Lisa Hootselle knew that it was possible, having experienced the environments of Woodstock City Church in Georgia, a campus of North Point Community Church. When Jeff accepted a job in Jacksonville, finding a church like Woodstock City Church was a high priority for the family. When they learned about Access, they were excited. “We immediately knew we had a new church home and checked that very important box off of our list of essentials even before we moved to Florida,” Lisa said.

When the Hootselles attended Access, it immediately felt familiar. With all the changes involved in a move, particularly for Hayden, 11, and Maddie, 8, they felt a sense of relief to be in the familiar surroundings of a church they loved.… Read the rest

Posted November 16, 2016

Being the Church – Hurricane Help

img_2381You never know exactly what you’ll get when a hurricane comes to town – how much wind or water. You never know what you will lose either, the very least of which are power and plans.

Access Church’s plan was to launch services at the new Baymeadows location that weekend, but when predictions of Matthew came into play, the plan changed. The doors to the Baymeadows building were closed that Sunday, but Access Church was open for business.

Mandy and Ryan Howard decided to wait out the storm at a friend’s house. When Matthew came through Friday, the Howards’ neighbor called to tell them a tree had fallen on their house. Waiting for the storm to clear before returning home made for an anxious night. “Once we got to the house on Saturday morning, it was shocking to see a tree that big laying on top of our home,” Mandy said. “The tree had gone through the roof of garage, knocked down the overhang, broken holes in our deck, and knocked over our fence.”

That afternoon, Mandy received a text from Maggie Goodhart checking in on the Howard family.… Read the rest

Posted November 3, 2016