The Arns Family – Connection in Crisis

ArnsBefore the diagnosis, life was “pretty normal” for Kristi and Joe Arns. They spent their time keeping up with kids (JT, 14, Adri, 19, and Jeremy, 22), family, work, and their neighbors’ tennis team and enjoying the beach on weekends. “Normal” also included being a part of Access Church, serving in Waumba Land and Guest Services and going to Community Group every week.

When Kristi got a callback after her routine mammogram this past July, she didn’t think too much of it. It had happened before and turned out to be nothing. “It was when I realized they were not looking at the same spot as they did the last year that the fear started,” she said.

A day after her follow-up tests, she had two biopsies. When she and Joe talked with her doctor, the fear grew. “I really tried to find peace in knowing God was in control and that he does not make mistakes, but negative feelings continued to grow inside me,” she said.… Read the rest

Posted January 24, 2017

A Call to Action: Passion 2017

Millennials are described as many things in our culture. What about “The Jesus Generation”? That is how the people behind the Passion conference see them, and they’re helping Millennials embrace this as their calling. In the first days of this new year, 55,000 young people from 90 countries and 16,000 colleges descended on the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with a common purpose. They came to hear from God and worship him together. A group of our Accessibles were there to be a part of it.

passion2017This was the 20th year for the Passion conference, which grew out of a Bible study by Louie and Shelley Giglio as a way to reach college students interested in a deeper understanding of Christianity and God. Two decades later, Passion 2017 opened to a packed house enjoying a surprise performance by Carrie Underwood and a live video chat from space with the commander of the International Space Station!

Communicators including Andy Stanley, John Piper, Christine Caine, and Francis Chan challenged attenders’ thinking and their hearts.… Read the rest

Posted January 17, 2017

The Joyners – From risk to reward

Every Sunday the Access volunteers and staff share and celebrate “win” stories – the ways we’ve seen God at work in people’s lives. Christina and James Joyners’ story is one such “win.” Both James and Christina grew up going to church. But after a painful experience with church as adults, they stopped attending altogether. For 10 years church was not a part of their lives. They were done with church.

JoynerphotoThe Joyners’ neighbors, Troy and Stacey Youse, started inviting them to Access Church – repeatedly – throughout several of their kids’ soccer and football seasons. “Troy just kept asking and asking,” Christina said.

Finally the Joyners said “yes” and visited Access. Their kids, James (now 10) and Devon (now 6), loved it. “Access was different from any church we had been to before,” said James. “And everyone was so welcoming.”

Once they walked through the doors, the environments and the practical teaching at Access kept the Joyners coming back week after week.… Read the rest

Posted January 6, 2017