Introducing Zach Mengel

We’re excited that 19-year-old Zach Mengel has joined our Access Church staff. When he came on board this past summer, he jumped into helping with Waumba Land (preschool), UpStreet (elementary), and InsideOut (high school) and assisting Lead Pastor Rich Barrett.

Zach was invited by a friend to visit Access, and he attended for the first time in August 2015, at the start of his senior year in high school. The second time he visited, his friend was unable to attend, and Zach went alone. The week after that, he brought his mom. From there, Zach has regularly attended Access Church and said he loves it.

“I started going to Access because it provided me with a message style that was more applicable to my life,” Zach said. “I was going to church, but I wasn’t receiving anything. That was a really huge step for me personally, saying and admitting to myself that I needed more.”

Zach met Rich the first week he attended Access, and the second week when he returned, Rich remembered his name.… Read the rest

Posted February 23, 2017

The Grass Family: Excited About the Ride 

“Fun and laid back” describes the Grass family perfectly, so it’s no surprise these are things they would look for in a church. Because of where they were in their faith journey, they knew they also needed “open-minded and practical.” “Dave and I both had been away from church for so long and had questions about our faith,” Cheryl said.

Grass-squareDave and Cheryl both grew up going to church. Cheryl’s family attended a non-denominational church until her parents’ divorce when she was 11. Dave was raised Catholic, but stopped attending when he got older. Aside from Christmas and Easter, church wasn’t a part of their lives until their boys, Gavin (now 6) and Caden (now 4), came along. Dave and Cheryl felt church could be valuable for the boys as they grew up, so they started looking for a church that would be a good fit for all of them. They were living in Nashville at the time, and a friend told them about the North Point partnership church there.… Read the rest

Posted February 9, 2017