Access globalX goes to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica, with its coastline, mountains, and rainforest, is a beautiful place to spend your time. What about spending your sweat, your work, and your heart there as well?

July 4 a group of 15 Access Church adults and teenagers returned from a week-long globalX trip to Costa Rica, where they did just that. Why go to the trouble? Why give up a week of vacation, take the time off work, save and raise funds, pack work clothes, and brave the language barrier, different food, and cold showers? Why visit a city and head straight for the places children live in the ravages of poverty and need when it is easier just to stay away? Why work to serve people you may never see again? “It was the hardest work I’ve ever done, but it was the greatest,” said a teen globalX team member. “It’s hard to explain how it could be hard and fun like that.”

How could doing hard things be the “greatest thing” to do? … Read the rest

Posted July 14, 2017