UpStreet on the Move: Camp95

Take 10 teenagers, 3 college students, 75 kids, and 4 host homes all over town. Add UpStreet-style storytelling about God’s love, great music, and lots of water fun. Mix it together, and you have an amazing week of summer called Camp95.

The goal of Camp 95 was to bring “all the fun of UpStreet to your street,” and for three days in four different neighborhoods around Jacksonville, the Camp95 student leadership team did just that. “The highlight of the week for me was seeing the kids have such a great time,” student leader Brennan Robles said.

From the moment kids arrived at the Camp95 host home, the fun was non-stop. Students led kids in singing and dancing to UpStreet songs and kept each other cool and wet with wacky water games. Every day the  students used skits and stories told in fun ways to engage kids with the good news of God’s love. “It was great to see kids who wouldn’t let go of their parent when they arrived for the first time not want to leave when it was over,” student leader Chase Barrett said.… Read the rest

Posted August 7, 2017