Welcome, Justin Smith, Student Ministry Director

Did you have a positive influence in your life as a teenager? Perhaps someone came into your life at a crucial time and made an investment in you, the dividends of which you still feel today. At Access we talk a lot about all the ways God uses these kinds of pivotal relationships to help us on our faith journey. It’s hard to think of a a more critical time for this than middle and high school, when the pressures are strong and the choices made can have far-reaching consequences.

Justin Smith knows the pressures students face. And because of the people who invested in him as a teenager, he knows the difference it makes when someone takes a vested interest in helping a teenager navigate the tough choices. Justin is passionate about connecting students to God and community and equipping them to make wise choices. We’re excited to have Justin join our Access staff as Student Ministry Director. He’s working hard to to continue creating an environment where students feel connected, safe, and encouraged in their developing faith journey.… Read the rest

Posted December 13, 2017