Join us first and third Sundays at Access Church!

Join us first and third Sundays, 9:45am, at Liberty Pines Academy, 10901 Russell Sampson Rd., St Johns.

Waumba Land (Birth-PreK) and UpStreet (K-5th) are offered during every service.

Middle-school students meet for Transit, and high-school students meet for InsideOut.

We are a strategic partner of North Point Ministries. We align with the philosophy and strategies of North Point Ministries and share Andy Stanley’s practical, biblical teaching.

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Welcome, Hal Henry, UpStreet Production Director

If you step into the UpStreet large-group environment on a Sunday morning, several things become evident: we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and Sundays should be fun. You will see the UpStreet Production Team working to leverage every minute they have to make truth memorable. In the middle of it all, you’ll find Hal Henry helping make it happen. Over the years the Henry family has been an integral part of UpStreet at Access Church, and we’re excited to welcome Hal to our Access staff as our UpStreet Production Director.

Invited to Access by neighbors in 2009, Hal and Hope Henry were drawn in by the music and practical teaching they heard. “I can’t tell you how many times I said to Hope that I felt like Andy was talking directly to me,” Hal said. “My kids asking me to take them to church was just icing on the cake. Not only were Justine and Joe having fun, the things they were learning were coming home with them.”

The Henrys wanted to be a part of making this happen for other families, so they began to volunteer at Access.… Read the rest

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A Christmas For St Johns //
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A Christmas For St Johns //
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