Current Series

Current Series: LO$T

Join us each Sunday, November 2—December 7, as Andy Stanley and Rich Barrett address the role of finances in our spiritual journey. It’s not a series about what we want from you, but rather what we want for you.

Services are held in the Fine Arts Center at UNF every Sunday at 9:00am and 10:30am. UNF is located just off 9A, one exit north of J. Turner Butler Blvd.

Waumba Land (Birth through Pre-K) is offered at both hours, and UpStreet (K-Grade 5) and xtreme (Grades 6-12) are offered at 10:30am.

November 2

Part 1 – A Sudden Realization, Rich Barrett
Maybe it was bad directions, or perhaps a wrong turn, or possibly something that distracted you, but eventually you found yourself lost. You started out knowing where you were, but as you went further all of a sudden you came to the realization that you had lost your way. Today millions of people in America find themselves lost. They are lost financially. Could you be one of them? And how do you find your way once you realize where you are? Worship Leader: Trey McKnight

November 9

Part 2 – Moving to Higher Ground, Andy Stanley
How does God view money? What does He want us you do with it? Too often people jump to the conclusion that God simply wants them to give it all away. However, when you examine the words of Jesus, you find that nothing could be farther from the truth. A fresh look at a curious parable on money might surprise you and it just might change your whole perspective on finances. Worship Leader: Danny Dukes

November 16

Part 3 – Flashback, Andy Stanley
Why has God given you so much? Why has God made you rich? If these questions elicit a laugh, don’t move past them too fast. If you stop to think about it, most of us have a lot more than we need. By all accounts, you have considerably more than most people in the world today. So, why you? Why do you have so much? We’ll study a parable of Jesus to see why God distributes wealth as He does and its implications for what God has given you. Worship Leader: JohnnySwim

November 23

Part 4 – You Are Not Alone, Andy Stanley with Matt & Kate Tichon
Student loans, maxed out credit cards, and a plastic wedding left Matt and Kate newly married and $100,000 dollars in debt. Their situation was severe and symptomatic of where our culture pushes us financially. In this session, we will discuss how God’s faithfulness and following His financial principles can revolutionize your financial world. Worship Leader: Steve Collom

November 30

Part 5 – Finding Shelter, Andy Stanley
Discontentment is robbing our generation. Daily we are bombarded with messages that cause us to be dissatisfied with our current circumstances. We walk around with the gnawing sense that we need to upgrade everything, and the thing is that more money doesn’t quench this hunger; it only causes it to grow. So what are we to do? In this session we will discuss the freeing power of contentment. Worship Leader: Michael Johnston

December 7

Part 6 – Rescued, Andy Stanley
Many people today find themselves lost in the realm of finances. So what is the solution? In this session we’ll discuss four steps that will put you on the path to where God wants you to be financially: (1) choose a percentage and live on it, (2) track your spending, (3) get rid of dumb debt, (4) give first, save second, live on the rest..