Waumba Land (birth—age 5)

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Waumba is Swahili for “Creator.” Waumba Land is a clean, safe, and carefully staffed small-group environment where your children (infants through preschoolers) will be well cared for. Waumba Land opens 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each worship service.

Nothing is more important for your young child than beginning to understand who God is. Waumba Land is one opportunity to partner with you, the parent, to introduce your child to their Heavenly Father.

Three basic truths that we want every preschooler in Waumba Land to have planted in their hearts are God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever. Questions? Email Maggie for the latest scoop and information on how to jump in! First time guests? Pre-register your family before you arrive!

UpStreet (K-5th Grade)

UpSt.Logos_Two-ColorOverDarkUpStreet is an exciting, relevant, environment designed especially for elementary-aged children (K- 5th grade). Doors open at 3:45pm.

In the large-group time, there are hilarious characters to engage kids, incredible music to excite kids, and relevant storytellers to introduce the “Big Idea” and Bible story that will be discussed in the small-group time.

Small groups are all about relationships: relationships with other kids, leaders, and most importantly, Jesus. During small-group time, kids take the Big Idea and learn how it applies to their daily lives. They learn how to study the Bible and make it personal and real to them.

We want every child who is transitioning into the sixth grade to decide that I need to make the WISE choice, I can TRUST GOD no matter what, and I should treat OTHERS the way I want to be treated. Questions?

Email Kelli for the latest scoop and information on how to jump in! First time guests? Pre-register your family before you arrive!

Jump Start CG.002JumpStart

JumpStart is an engaging 30-minute presentation where parents and kids learn together about what it means to have faith in Jesus.

Visit our JumpStart page to learn more.

KidStuf Orange Letters White BackgroundKidStuf

We’re excited about our KidStuf  environment for UpStreet kids (K – 5th grade) and their parents! Visit our KidStuf page to learn about KidStuf, to see when the next KidStuf is happening, and to register your family for KidStuf.


BabyD is more than an event. It’s an opportunity for you to take some time at the beginning of your journey as a parent to really think about what will matter the most in the life of your child. Then it’s a time to come together with family and friends to share and celebrate the commitment you’re making to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ—to guide her and help her understand what that means as she gets older. Learn more here.


We’re excited about our new KidVenture environment for UpStreet kids! KidVenture is an event designed to allow UpStreet kids and their small-group leaders to connect outside of Sunday morning. It could be karaoke, bowling, jump-n-slide, or some other way to connect leaders and kids in a great social environment. KidVenture happens twice a year.